Sunday, August 1, 2010

A new month

So, I started a new rotation this week. It will be 5 weeks of Obstetrics with lots and lots of C-sections (I was in on 4 the first day). It's a private hospital with lots of different private doctors. So, for most of the c-sections I will be an assistant doing whatever the private doctor is comfortable letting me do. This means my range of activity widely varies from doc to doc. I do get to be the primary surgeon on clinic patients with another resident/attending with me. I'm getting more comfortable and confident with each one and I'm having a good time doing it. However, with this new rotation comes a new adjustment period where I get to figure out what my role is on the team. Also, I still feel like I'm struggling to figure out logistics all over again. I'm in a new hospital so I'm learning where everything is gloves, speculums, bathroom, cafeteria, etc. I think it's going to be something we get to go through at the beginning of each rotation. It can be pretty frustrating at times, but it's getting better each day.

On to better things....

This weekend was a very fun filled weekend. I only wish I had more pictures to share from it. Friday night I joined some friends for a wine tasting night at a local cafe. It was $15 for 5 glasses of wine...and I mean solid glasses of wine! And they were all really good. I think I found a new tasty Chardonnay to purchase in the future. It was a good night with five friends, five glasses of wine, 2 meals, and one dog on the patio at the corner of 3rd and Michigan St. The weather was perfect!

Saturday I woke up with one BIG headache. Wine always gets me the next day. So, I popped back some ibuprofen and got ready for another fun-filled day. We went to IKEA! Kim, Matt, and I headed to Cincinnati for afternoon shopping at IKEA and a Reds game. IKEA turned out to be quite the experience. It was a tad overwhelming, but it helped get me thinking about how to fill up the gaps in my condo without going broke on a resident's salary. I ended up buying a new set of dishes to replace my grandmother's old set that I've been using, and some window drapes for my bedroom. I'm sure I'll be back. After IKEA, we headed downtown to the Great American Ball Park (what a name) to see the Reds play the Braves. In the parking garage I saw a Ford Explorer with Razorback decals all over it!! I was so excited to feel the Arkansas love! I wish I had a picture of it. :( The ball park is right on the river and neighbors the Bengal's stadium. We enjoyed watching the game and eating all the delicious and expensive food. We tried the famous Skyline chili dogs, garlic fries, and a pretzel. All were very delicious. However, we only made it to the 5th inning before leaving because we were so tired. I'm not sure if it was IKEA, standing room only tickets, the carb overload, or all of the above that wore us out. But not to worry, the fun didn't end at our early departure. We drove all the way to Kentucky (across the river) to get gas and even stopped at an outlet mall on the way back to do a little more shopping. Somehow on the way home hunger stuck again, so we ate at Junior's Tacos when we got back to Columbus. Junior's Tacos is a taco stand/van parked next to a convenience store on the corner of 4th and Highland that makes one mean burrito! It was delicious and only $5. I highly recommend it.

I spent Sunday morning cleaning my condo. It needed it! Then a few friends came over around 1pm and we had a few hours of pool time. I feel so pale. I think hospitals suck the tan out of me. Hopefully this afternoon helped a little bit. Then I ended the day back at Kim's house with grilled pizza! She made 4 different kinds and they were all amazing. I had a fabulous weekend. I'm off next weekend too so I have all of this week to figure out my next adventure!

The Bengal's Stadium in Cincinnati

Kim and Matt at the ball park

Kim and me enjoying our 24 oz cold beer. Don't ask how much it cost!

The Great American Ball Park. The Reds beat the Braves, although we didn't stay long enough to actually see it.