Sunday, July 18, 2010

Doo-Da Parade continued...

The Ghostbusters showed up for this event as well.

With the van this time!

Batman and his Batmobile

This was a Craig's List demonstration. I'm guessing these people weren't happy with their purchases. That guys is a mattress with a "slight urine smell"


Creepy Zombie Grandma

Lauren, Me, Kim, and Adam enjoying the parade

After the parade was over we headed to the Short North area to shops, bars, and pizza. Here's Adam showing off his spirit.

Lauren and Paul at the Short North Tavern

Katie and me

Batman showed up and proceeded to hit on all the ladies. Apparently he suits up for event a few times a year. When he was leaving he tried to give Katie an unwelcomed kiss! Creepy!
Kim, me, and Maggie enjoying being out of the heat.

Just loved the great 4th spirit in this pic. Red, White, and Blue!