Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Last pics of Puerto Viejo

I think these will be the last of the pics I post of Puerto Viejo. It takes so long to upload photos here! I did this during spanish class. :) I'll write more about my first week in San Jose later. It's a little out of order, but I wanted to do the fun stuff with pics first.

Me on my bike trying to cover as much skin as possible with a white t-shirt and hat. It had a very helpful, but rusty basket on the front.

Katie ahead of me on her bike. Look at the beautiful, green surroundings we had during our ride.
Entering the beach at Punta Uva.
It was overcast all day after the morning rain. The water was a beautiful green-blue color.
My view of our shade tree on the beach
The view from our resting spot on the beach. Notice you haven't seen another person yet? It wasn't hard to get pics without random people because there weren't very many. Loved it!
Lunch? Dinner? I was just impressed this guy could turn this whole pig round and round quickly with one hand while smiling.
The most amazing breakfast! Egg, cheese, and avacado on homemade "everything" bagel with fruit on the side, all washed down with an iced mocha. Hungry?
Our cute cabina that five of us shared. It was very comfortable and well equipped with mosquito nets.

The only video I got of the more talented surfer I saw. It wasn't his best run, but it's still way more than I could do. I hope it works.

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