Saturday, February 20, 2010

Soccer Game

This past Wednesday our group of students went to a soccer game. It was between Saprissa and Brujas (witches). Saprissa has a long history of having the best team in Costa Rica. However, the Brujas won the championship last year. So, it was suppose to be a big game....or so we thought. The stadium wasn't exactly full, but it was full enough for a good time. It was also a very chilly night. The wind made me cold through my fleece jacket. The whole time I was thinking...This is Costa Rica!! What is this cold all about? Saprissa won the game 1-0, or at least that was the score when I left a little early to catch a cab home. Please excuse the pictures. Night photos aren't that great.

Me, Katie, and Max. We decided to grab a beer from a bar nearby to enjoy before we went in to the game. We ordered 3 Imperials and 1 Pilsen. All 4 were given to us in the six-pack plastic rings. You can see the white Pilsen can peeking through the crack.

The team was lead out onto the field by their mascot, the purple dragon in the center of the picture. It looks very childish, like the Costarican version of Barney! Apparently a few years back a different mascot was made that was more masculine and fierce. The fans didn't like it.

The president-elect, who was elected Feb 7th, was at the game!! Her name is Laura Chinchilla. She walked like 50ft infront of us!! She is in the center of the picture with the brown hair blowing in the wind. She is Costa Rica's first female president.

I saved the best for last....Saprissa's number 1 fan, La Abuelita (little grandmother). She provided constant entertainment for us. She marched up and down behind the fence, and right in front of us, blowing this horn. I somehow got this amazing pic of her. She blew here horn, chanted, and yelled at the players to tell them what to do. She was all decked out in purple to support her team. And she had candy in her fanny pack. She kept the security guard happy with a few pieces. Apparently she is well know. My host family knew about here when I showed them this picture.

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  1. Hey Laura!!
    I am so glad to have found your blog on Kara's site! I have been thinking about you and wondering if you were having a good time! It looks as if you are. Keep is very interesting to see all the places you are visiting! Love ya!
    Tracy :)