Monday, June 21, 2010

Pre-Intern Funivities

Hocking Hills:
One of the OSU graduates in my class planned a nice trip to Hocking Hills to go "cabrewing" and "camping". Hocking Hills is only an hour East/Southeast of Columbus (towards the hills...very pretty), so it wasn't a big drive for us. We drove down early Tuesday afternoon and went cabrewing, which is a new Ohio term I've learned. Basically it's a cute way of saying floating or canoeing with alcohol. I guess we aren't as fancy with our terminology in Arkansas. Or maybe we just assume the two naturally go together and don't feel the need to make a special statement to describe drinking while floating down a river. Maybe both?

When we got to the canoe outfitter place, we were told that the river was up and that they would only allow people with experience in a canoe on the river. Since some people weren't very confident in their paddling skills we got rafts instead. It worked out better in the end because we were able to focus our efforts more on talking and drinking instead of steering down the river. Our float lasted a few hours and then we headed to "camp," which really was a comfy cabin in the woods with a hot tub. :) That night we had cocktail hour with margaritas (I shared the limeade, corona, sprite recipe I learned from Daine's sister), cooked spaghetti, and enjoyed the hot tub. It was a good way to break the ice and get to know some of my fellow interns. Big thanks to Maggie for setting it all up!

Another note: Only 7 of 11 could make it to Hocking Hills. We found out might have a little confusion in the upcoming year with names. There is a Laura, Lauren, and Loriana. We have 2 Maggies, 2 Asian girls, and 2 Dr. Huffmans!! Erinn Bjorklund recently got married to Adam Huffman. :)

Erinn (Virginia), Susan (ECU), and Maggie Rosen (OSU) in their raft.

Loriana (OSU), Blair (SLU), and Maggie Liang (OSU) in my raft.

Maggie Liang and me. Everyone liked my super awesome coozie.

We hooked our two rafts together and floated down the river. By the way, it wouldn't have taken much effort to get a canoe down that river! The Buffalo offers more obstacles. It was running a little fast, so maybe that was the issue?? It wasn't near as pretty as our AR rivers!

Hot tub time!! The OSU ladies: Maggie R., Loriana, and Maggie L. Notice the "O"

Susan, Blair, and Erinn

The Chiefs' Dinner:
Friday night we went to the graduation of the chiefs and the fellows from OSU. It was held at a nice hotel on campus. We had a good time, but were quickly told that we were labeled the rebel class because we failed to attend journal club held at the chair's house the night before. We were told it was optional in our email....and no one wanted to go because we are hanging on to every last bit of freedom we have left. Today in orientation we were told that it was a madatory event, especially since it was at the chair of the department's house. Oh well. We aren't technically interns until next Monday anyway, so I don't think anyone is losing sleep over it. Despite all this we had a good time at the chief's dinner. It's definitely something to look forward to in four years!

Maggie L., Blair, Yan (UNC Chapel Hill), Loriana, and Maggie R. at cocktail hour before dinner.

The interns that made it. Not sure we were quite ready for the pic. And I think the photographer might have been a little unsteady on her feet.

All of us after dinner and ready to go to the after party!
Pictures of my place to come... When I'm ready :)


  1. Looks like a fun bunch of ladies to spend the next four years with.

    P.S. I can't believe you wore your nice sunglasses on the river!

  2. I am so glad you have some great ladies around you! I agree, that river was nothing like our rivers here! Us Arkansas girls know you have to have a huggie with a rope on it when you go to the river! lol